Al Ashley with David Liebman, Rick Stone & Oliver Von Esson

These are Them


Blue Note; These are Them; Perfect Day; The Other Time; Relative Minority; Fats Write; Look at What We Do to Ourselves (63.42)

Al Ashley, drums; Oliver Von Esson, organ; Rick Stone, guitar; Dave Liebman, saxes

Al is a fine Jazz drummer, not given to long solos, and he knows how to give a supportive background to his fellow musicians. His cohorts include Oliver laying down a groove and Rick with his neat and melodic guitar solos. As a trio they present a classic program of swinging Jazz but with the addition of Dave Liebman's playing on tenor and soprano, this music reaches a higher plane.

All four band members have contributed their own compositions, which sound so natural and easy on the ear, that you could be deluded into believing you had heard them all before.

A high class group delivering smooth and funky music in a stylish way. Fingersnappingly good!

by Al Merritt

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