Anomalous Quintet

Life On An Oblate Spheroid

Fine Grooved Records FG43391

Jason Newsom, guitar; Michael York, tenor sax; Brad Schrandt, alto and soprano sax; Daniel Covrett, alto and baritone sax; Kelley Albrecht, bass; and Paul Hunter, drums

The leader of this ensemble of players is Jason Newsom who wrote and arranged many of the tunes on the CD.

The Wayne Shorter composition, "Footprints," is an innovative arrangement and the improvisational mix by the group gives an impressionistic flavor to the smooth Jazz treatment. Newborn's finger-picking approach to the guitar is absorbing on a catchy tune entitled "Lick And A Promise." There is a funky touch to both "Groove Of Happiness" and "Wuca Buca Wuca Buca" while the melody on "Goodbye Belize" has a smooth fusion influence. The horns interweave a wonderfully groovy melody on "Monkey Puzzle."

The introspective group interaction on this ten-track CD is luxuriant. There is plenty of variety on this CD for the listener to sink their teeth into on this smooth Jazz oriented effort.

by Dorothy L. Hill

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