Bradley Leighton

Groove Yard

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Bradley Leighton, flute, alto flute; Bob Magnusson, bass; Duncan Moore, drums; Allan Phillips, percussion; Jaime Valle, guitar; Mike Wofford, piano.

A beautifully played opening track by Bradley Leighton and his rhythm section with Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Mojave"; it features both the flute and alto flute of Leighton and some engaging piano from Mike Wofford. The title track, "Groove Yard" by Carl Perkins is a firm, feel-good swinger to Leighton's full, melodic flute; the rhythm section always keep themselves constructively busy, a good stretching solo from Jamie Valle on guitar and some trading of fours with Leighton. Another Jobim track, "Fotografia" ambles fondly and gently with immense warmth, a caressing bass solo from Bob Magnusson and the deeply felt flute of Leighton. "Dona Maria" is more of a romp with some up tempo playing, Leighton buzzes and zips through this to good effect. The set finishes in some style with Wes Montgomery's "Road Song". This is a CD of lovingly crafted, laid back open, airy, straight-ahead Jazz played by fine musicians; a CD deserving a place in your home.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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