The Noah Peterson Quartet

Live at Biddy McGraw's

Noah Peterson, tenor sax; Jay Stapleton, gutar; Dennis Caiazza, bass; Edwin Coleman 111, drums

Song for my Father; June Bug; So What; Feel Like Makin' Love; Take the A Train; But Beautiful; Watermelon Man; Song for my Father.


The club atmosphere comes over very strongly on this recording, with total freedom of expression used by the musicians on these familiar Jazz standards.

Noah is a talented horn player, leading a group of spirited buddies who all have something fairly original to say.

Jay is an ideal support musician, taking solos within the structure of each piece but always conscious of the need to feed the correct chords to the other soloists. Bassist Caiazza is the backbone of the quartet providing a solid basis for each number. Edwin comes to the fore in Watermelon Man with his funk style showing up well, although he seemed to fit in to a lesser extent in the more straight ahead tunes. The quartet deserves an opportunity to progress and to go on to greater things, which is clearly within their capabilities.

by Al Merritt

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