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This orchestra has a new take on the creativity of Brazilian music; the variety of instrumentation adds to its uniqueness; vilincello, country viola, piano, zabumbha, accordion, bendolin, bamboo flute and saxophones combine to create different styles from different origins with added individual panache. The opening track "Bajaty" floats over you in waves, haunting, mystic, fresh and exciting. "Vinheta Espanha Ou Do Agreste?" (Spanish Vignette or Wild Northeast?) Is thirty six seconds of African sound. "Parafuso" (Screw) has an accordion, flutes and colective percussion creating an organic and beautifully timbered sound. "Choro Moreno" (Dark Skinned Choro) starts with the haunting voice of Monica Salmaso over the piano, flutes that compliment an almost eerie union with the voice. This is a CD of effects and feelings, at times misty, always organic, richly timbered complex and compelling. Pianist Benjamin Taublein and flutist Mane Silveria do most of the arranging. Have the Orquestra Popular de Camara perform at your school concert as visiting guests and they would probably bring the house down; no need for the effect of dry ice, they will create their own. Excellent CD.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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