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RuffJazz Records RJR 0001

Musicians on this 2004 date include Todd Hodulik, Abie Perkins, Bert Vela, Chris Compton, Arnold Jax, Tim Jones, Rod KoKoji, Al Lopez, Rob Martinez, Al Robinson, and Mikey Morales.

Southern California-based guitarist/mandolinist Todd Hodulik's sound is, as he describes it, a "blend of nylon string improvisational smooth Jazz with a hint of southwest feel and everything in between." He achieves a pleasing, ear-catching sound by using a combination of 3 straight nylon and 3 steel-wound nylon strings on his guitar, as seen on the cover of his debut release, Sedona.

Hodulik grew up listening to a lot of improvisational and progressive rock bands like Rush, Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers and Phish. He later got into straight-ahead Jazz and was inspired by guitarists Pat Martino and Wes Montgomery, and by Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock. He went on to study Jazz at the Musicians Institute in California, where he earned a degree from G.I.T.

Sedona offers a refreshingly different sound. Hodulik is a fine player and composer, and he wrote or co-wrote all of the selections, with standout tracks being Isle of Indio, Ear Candy and Song for Ashley. The southwest feel throughout Sedona adds just the right flavor and creates an evocative, easy groove.

by Linda Goshay

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