Tom Gavorni

Soul Cry

Mia Mind Music/Broken Swing MMN1134

Tom Gavornik, all guitars and Roland guitar synth; Kirk Driscoll, percussion; and, Steve Lucas, electric and upright bass

Tom Gavornik has perfected his guitar skills as a teacher and producer/arranger while gaining recognition for eclectic compositions and performances for over forty years. This is his seventh CD release and consists of two discs.

The leadoff track on disc one, "What You Lose, Is What You Find," is a short funky foray with interesting synthesizer emphasis. The composition of "Rainy Days, Comic Book Dreams" starts off with an experimentation of finger picking vibrato that takes off into a rhythmic theme flowing in context with the trio exploring the melody with unusual telepathy. "Anger" features a spoken word exercise by Joan Gavornik to a sullen poem written by Tom Gavornik. "One More Lullaby" closes out the first disc with a free play chordal improvision that imaginatively builds and shifts the melody and at the end features Gavornik manipulating the sound on a mellow synth-driven guitar.

Disc two opens with "The Grieving Path" that has Gavornik weaving around the somber melody on Telecaster guitar with shimmering moderation which is explored for almost forty-four minutes. There are two cuts of "Hostage, No More," the first with Gavornik on guitar and the second with Lucas on fretless electric bass. The last cut of "Final Sting" is a short improvisation expanding into mysterious shapes with an abrupt questioning ending.

This is a stunning collection of free-form Jazz guitar artistry. Take the trip on this one and you will not be disappointed!

by Dorothy L. Hill

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