University of North Florida Jazz Ensemble 1

Directed by Dr.Keith Javors

Through His Eyes: For Bunky Green


Rodney Hampton, Nalisio Taveras, alto sax; Brendan Romanack, Miguel Alvarado, tenor sax; Matt Zettlemoy, baritone; Jason Lichau, Matt White, Max Matzen, Ray Callender, trumpet; Robert Harrover, Marcus McGill, Brian Johnson, T J Collazo, trombone; Tom McEvoy, piano; Steve Lesche, guitar; Stan Piper, bass; John Davis, drums

Through His Eyes; For Bunky Green; Delta City Blues; I Hope in Time a Change Will Come; Eye of the Hurricane; Pretty Girl; Ko-Ko; Fables of Faubus (excerpt); Always and Forever; Terra Vivos; Angel Eyes (live) (65.39)


This kind of music doesn't really get the right amount of appreciation that it deserves, although undoubtedly there will be local followers of the band. The degree of hard work, patience, study, blood, sweat and tears necessary to produce a band of this quality is phenomenal. These young players, together with their dedicated instructor Bunky Green, have produced a tremendous and really worthwhile album which does great credit to their musical ability. They pay attention to the salient points of big band playing. The rhythm section gives solid support, with major honours going to guitarist Steve Lesche and drummer John Davis. There are many well conceived solos from most of the saxophonists, trumpeters and trombonist Robert Harrover.

The final track gives altoist Bunky Green a chance to blow up a storm on the beautiful Matt Dennis composition "Angel Eyes".

This is another winner in the ever growing collection of big bands being promoted on the Sea Breeze label - where do they find them?

by Al Merritt

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