Misha V. Stefanuk


Published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc. $14.95. CD included.

This is an excellent book by Misha V. Stefanuk. He begins the book with simple explanations of how to play the piano. The pieces are easy enough for a child or a beginning adult to play. Gradually the pieces get more difficult, and they branch out into styles such as ragtime and blues. The play-along CD is very helpful, so that the student can learn the rhythms. The titles of the tunes are very imaginative, and the hand positions and finger numbers are given when necessary.

Children are especially attracted to this book, as it makes them feel more grown-up. They can use the songs from JAZZ PIANO for the YOUNG BEGINNER as exercises to add to their daily practice routine. Some of the titles of Stefanuk's compositions are: "Groovy Bob," "Swinging on a Sunday," "Raggedy Rag" and "The Man in the Blue Suit."

Misha V. Stefanuk has published three other books - the Mel Bay bestseller Jazz Piano Chords, Jazz Piano Scales and Jazz Piano Album.

By Lucy Galliher

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