Jaared Arosemena


Marimelj /Lightyear 54447-2

Jaared Arosemena, also sax, background saxes; various musicians, programmers, vocalists

Here we have the young soul sound, well, soul inflected. A youthful wail floating over sounds of love lost and otherwise. Judging by the array of people involved in the studio one can't help wondering just how long it took to put this all together. A lot of effort, a lot of love and well-meant reflection on what can only be described as a late-night set. This all adds up to, um, sex. The mood is achingly romantic. One pictures lovers walking a beach at sunset, probably alone. The quality of the music is by no means negligible. This is 100 per cent mood music, however, and the beat and the sentiments are familiar. "Cruisin'" (track 9) gets sort of uppity with an attractively rhythmic thump, and you can picture some struttin' going on. Ending with the "Star Spangled Banner" must mean something to the musicians involved. Arosemena lays it down on alto, and the vocalists perform strongly in response. Music for the young and free, let's hope they stay that way.

by Lawrence Brazier

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