Juozas Milasius

J.M. Eile

(distributed by Zona Records; no catalogue number listed)

Juozas Milasius, guitar, spoken word, and computer-generated effects

A vast array of computer-generated effects are featured in this unusual CD by the Lithuanian guitarist and composer Juozas Milasius, whose musical outlook has more to do with the creation of musical climate or atmosphere than a faithful reconstruction of time-honored Jazz structures.

As an improviser, Milasius' work might be described as "minimalist" to the extent that he is not concerned with pyrotechnical displays. The bulk of his thematic explorations are in fact based, in varying degrees, on diatonic harmony. However, the deceptively simple lines take on a surreal, other-worldly character when set against a palette of computerized sound. Of the seven original pieces presented, "Tenderness" is among the most heartfelt. This probing, introspective performance is evidence of highly personal means of expression; creative music in the very best sense.

by James D. Armstrong, Jr.

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