Lee Oskar

So Much In Love

Zebra Records ZD44003-2

Lee Oskar, harmonica; Larry Klimas, sax; Derol Caraco and Frank Gambale, guitar; Jeff Daniel and Kei Akagi, keyboards; Dave Karasony and Tom Brechlein, drums; Bob Mair, Stan Sargeant and John Patitucci, bass; Luis Conte and Alex Acuna, percussion; Carl Graves, Angie Jaree and Vatina King, vocals.

The title cut "So Much In Love" is a harbinger of things to come on this CD---sweet is the only way to describe the melodies that Oskar produces using his own line of harmonicas. "Leslie's Song" is a catchy ballad dedicated to Oskar's wife, with enthralling nuances. "In The Pocket" has some great percussion work by Alex Acuna. "Whatta Day" is an interesting diversion which features sax in a mellow setting. On "A Soulful Prayer," the background scatting is a catchy addition to Oskar's inventive harmonica style. The ten cuts included on this rendering are all excellent and the musicianship is first rate by all participants.

This CD is full of velvety tenderness and it is a wonderful offering for a Jazz harmonica buff who likes the sweet side of this instrument.

by Dorothy Hill

(available at Jazz Now Direct)

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