Laszlo Spiro & Proximal Factory

Where The Ceaseless City's Crowd Moves On

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Laszlo Spiro, guitar, guitarsynth, electronics, and composition; various supporting musicians.


Swiss guitarist Laszlo Spiro creates a thick, swirling fusion here. Yes, fusion. Once a dirty word in Jazz circles, fusion has recently re-emerged with a younger generation at the helm. Spiro's guitar lines are reminiscent of such fusion giants as McLaughlin, Holdsworth, Metheny, and Gambale. Yet he most resembles Canada's Michel Cusson (late of UZEB). It's not just the guitar lines, but the synth textures and orchestrations the hark back to the heyday of UZEB. The opening "Prelude" features ringing guitar notes under a beautiful trumpet played by Michael Gassmann. This segues into the driving "Another Possibility." Unison guitar and sax weave their way around the rhythm section. The sound is pure late 1980s, but Spiro gives it a fresh gloss.

"Random Access" opens with long toned guitar lines over sequenced synth. Cymbals chatter and then the band comes in. This could easily be an Allan Holdsworth track. "Delta variance" features fretless bass and thick synth pads. The drums dance underneath the atmosphere, letting it float on top. Spiro's synth guitar plays flute lines and trumpeter Gassmann blows dark notes. Can you say Miles? Despite the fact that this whole recording is derivative and reads like a textbook for fusion music, there is a fresh energy here. The recording and musicianship is top notch. Recommended for fusion fans.

By Michael Bettine

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