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Nagel Heyer 2021

Lyambiko, vocals; Marque Lowenthal, piano; Torsten Zwingenberger, drums, percussion; Robin Draganie, bass.

Lyambiko is a singer of German-African descent; her deeply rich voice is touching, with a measured quality of innocence - it sometimes appears a little contrived; but this does not detract from the sheer pleasure of listening to her. The first track "Some Other Time" also displays a gentle, effective use of vibrato. A selection of old favorites and more daring stuff gives her a chance to exhibit her skills. The accompanying musicians swing and compliment with aplomb - Marque Lowenthal on piano produces some superb solos; it is not surprising to learn he has been classically trained. Torsten Zwingenberger (brother of Axel, the boogie-woogie pianist) on drums and Robin Draganic on bass support sympathetically. "I Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues", the Ellington number, and "Miss Celie's Blues" were my favorite tracks - Lyambiko is clearly enjoying herself - swinging with skittish delight. Lyambiko is new to Jazz, her voice is unusual and effective - I know we will hear a lot more from this lady.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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