The Mahavishnu Project

Live Bootleg

Aggregate Music AGCD002

Record live on tour in 2001.

Greg Bendian, drums; Peter McCann, guitar; Steve Hunt, keyboard; Todd Reynolds, violin; Stephan Crump, bass

I'm not big on whole albums playing the music of other artists. And I'd rather the name be "Greg Bendian (or the group name) Plays the Music of John McLaughlin." But slam that aside; once in a while it's great! Greg Bendian's music has always interested me. The Interstellar Space album with Nels Cline was one of the great albums.

On The Mahavishnu Project, Peter McCann's guitar is outstanding and everyone else plays with a zest that pictures fun in the mind. There were a few quiet places where the bass player could have bombed over a quiet group. It would have given this CD a memorable addition. However, there wasn't much room for individual work. Dawn and Open Country Jam are two favorite cuts--quiet, then wild.

This is challenging music for most musicians. Mostly, it is a sabbatical from the real tough stuff that Greg Bendian has been playing to a well-deserved holiday of rock climbing and dancing. They're playing their hearts out, enjoying every minute of it. The result is an excellent album that makes you want to smash an oatmeal box or kick out a cardboard box in a rhythmical fashion like Han Bennink. For best listening, get in a dark room and press the button on a flashlight every time you feel exhilarated or let your brain flash your eyes!

by Fran Szostek

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