Nice FeelingPierre Bensusan

Nice Feeling

Zebra Acoustic 44406-2

Pierre Bensusan, guitar, voice; Didier Malherbe, soprano sax, sopranino sax; Robert Thomas Jr., hand drums and percussion.

This is a reprisal collection of pieces taken from Bensusan's first twenty years as an artist. This is fresh, tuneful, well-mannered playing on acoustic guitar with not an electric socket in evidence. Of the eighteen tracks, Bensusan composed sixteen of them. He shows great dexterity and a flowing intricate richness in this melodic compilation, some of the tracks are outstanding. His background, a Frenchman born in Algeria and his fascination with Celtic roots allows a complex coloring and shading to enhance his abilities. This is a virtuoso performance; up and coming guitar players should embrace this CD.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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