Pierre de Bethmann Quintet


Effendi Records FND032

Pierre de Bethmann, Fender Rhodes; David El Malik, tenor sax, Michael Felberbaum, guitar; Clovis Nicolas, Acoustic bass; Frank Agulhon, drums.

The Effendi label out of Montreal has become a real gem of a label featuring Quebecois and French Jazz artists. This release by French pianist/composer Pierre de Bethmann holds up their high standards. De Bethmann's Rhodes piano sound hearkens back to the 1970s, but his smart compositions are firmly rooted in today. "K.I.S.S." is a nice funk tune that moves along with great ensemble work. Felberbaum's guitar solo is vintage Scofield.

"Solune" is a beautiful ballad where El Malek gets to stretch out on tenor. His tone is full, without being harsh, and he spins beautiful melodic lines. "Ruptures" is a fast swing that moves along with tight ensemble work. De Bethmann uses a "wah" pedal on his Rhodes adding to the seventies aura. The musicianship and compositions here are first rate. De Bethmann does a great job of
bringing the Rhodes piano sound up to date. He's someone to watch for.


By Michael Bettine

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