François Bourassa Quartet

Indefinite Time

Effendi Records FND036

François Bourassa, piano; Guy Boisvert, acoustic bass; Greg Ritchie, drums; Andre Leroux, saxophones, flute.

This French Canadian trio, with the addition now of saxophonist Leroux, has been together for the past fifteen years, and it shows. There is a great deal of empathy and interplay between the musicians that only comes from working together over time. Tracks like "I Dropped The Radio," "Boubacar," and "Vequechieun" have a tight, yet relaxed groove. The rhythm section, of bassist
Boisvert and drummer Ritchie, negotiate any rhythmic change with ease. Their groove
is slippery when needed, or tight and exact. They give the soloists sure footing to play over. Leroux is an exceptional saxophonist. His solos are agile and inventive. Check out his work on "Boubacar." Bourassa is a formidable pianist and composer. His solos are far from cliche and are a joy to listen to. Let's hope we hear more of him here in the States. Highly recommended. If you can't find this great release, check out

By Michael Bettine

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