Einar Iversen 


Hazel Jazz, HJ1

Einar Iversen, piano; Tine Asmundsen, acoustic bass; Svein Christiansen, drums

In many respects, this Norwegian trio encapsulates the "progressive Jazz" tradition that crystallized during the late 1950s, with its emphasis on standard, chord-based song forms ("My Ship", "My Shining Hour") and largely diatonic originals, including some gems by the leader. 

A feeling of serenity and introspection pervades these performances, even in the midst of highly challenging harmonic schemes.  The elegant, laid-back swing in Coltrane's "Lazy Bird" reflects a tradition of virtuoso pianism whose closest historical parallel is the late Tete Montoliu, who, like Iversen, worked with Dexter Gordon and other American expatriates.  And what a wonderfully melodic composer--"Gea", "Judith II", and "Lill-Nedre Utskitsvei 16A" are miniature masterpieces, worth repeated listening. 

This is an excellent recording.   

by James D. Armstrong, Jr.

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