Stu Goldberg


Dedication Records 0142

Stu Goldberg, piano; Kenny Goldberg, saxes and flute; Jeff Falkner, bass;
Dave Renick, drums.

Pianist/composer Stu Goldberg has put together a winning effort here.
"Morning Star," featuring Kenny Goldberg's flute is light, yet not saccharine. The
tune moves along with great melodic solos from both Goldbergs and reminds me of
the original version of "Return To Forever." "Anthem" is a beautiful ballad
that blends piano and soprano sax. The very gentle ballad, "Once Again," is a
gorgeous composition. Bassist Falkner delivers a melodic solo them moves into
an easy swing with drummer Renek. Stu Goldberg unleashes a marvelous solo that
really shows the sense of romanticism inherent in all the compositions here.
With Dedication, Goldberg continues to show himself to be a masterful pianist,
as well as a melodic composer. Recommended.

By Michael Bettine

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