Miles Donahue - Standards Vol. 1 - 4

Strangers In Paradise Vol. 1, / Polka dots and Moonbeams, Vol.2 / Someone to Watch Over Me, Vol. 3 / Embraceable You, Vol. 4

Amerigo AMR 33711 - 14

Collective Personnel - Donahue, tp, as, ts; Robin McElhatten, vocals; Bruce Barth, Ben Cook, Kevin Hayes, Fred Hersch, Alain Mallet and Kenny Werner, piano; Jay Anderson, Bruce Gertz and John Lockwood, bass; Jamey Haddad, Bob Kaufman, Adam Nussbaum and George Schuller, drums; Roger Kimball, cello; Ricardo Monzon, perc.; Mike Turk, harmonica; Corrine Chase, background voc.; John Paul, guitar; Brad Hatfield, keyboards; Jerry Bergonzi, ts.

Miles Donahue is one of those rare birds, especially in today's glamour and glitz, high profile corporate hyped 20 year olds. Fast approaching 60, Donahue isn't the old grizzled vet either. While he's done many a low paying gig at out of the way places and paid more than enough dues to talk about he's relatively new to the Jazz scene and most listeners.

Something of a late bloomer Miles Donahue didn t really seriously trod the Jazz path until hitting his 40s! And it s a darn good thing he did. For he can claim ascendance to the throne of those who have the rarefied distinction of playing both reeds and brass. The short list of which includes Ira Sullivan, Seattle's wunderkind Jay Thomas, the amazing & electrifying Eddie Harris and of course the late Benny Carter.

Donahue has had several undistinguished releases before but this time he's kind of nervy; issuing a four disc set as separate volumes. A daring move to say the least. Not since the Wynton Marsalis Soul Gestures in Southern Blue more than a decade ago has an artist attempted such a vaunted media showcase blitz.

And a showcase it is. Surrounded by some of Boston s best.

by Lofton Emenari III

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