Mark Winkler

Sings Bobby Troup

Rhombus Records RHO 7029

Mark Winkler, vocals; John Mayer, piano; Anthony Wilson, guitar; Bob Shepard, tenor saxophone; Roy McCurdy, drums; Kevin Axt, saxophone; Joe Bagg, Hammond B3 organ, piano; Mark Ferber, drums

Bobby Troup, west-coast hipster from the 1950s, is well represented by Mark Winkler as he drives through twelve of Troup's songs and one of his own in this pleasant set. They are all great numbers and Winkler struts his stuff with affectionate relish. Kicking off with "Hungry Man", Winkler is into the style and is accompanied by a toothy, blatant tenor saxophone from Bob Shepard. Not until we get to track number five does the tempo change; "Meaning Of The Blues" slows thing down and adds some fine, strong piano playing by John Mayer. This is followed by a good bass solo from Kevin Axt on "Route 66". There are some Bobby Troup favorites; "Baby, Baby All The Time" and "Girl Talk" which Winkler purrs through with great effect. A good number is "One October Morning", which Winkler shares with Joe Bagg on piano. He has some great sidemen playing with him and their solos reflect the same drive and swing as the vocals. Winkler is a good swinger and sings with a fine style and swagger; he seems to enjoy what he is doing and comes over with the element of the lounge lizard; one feels his eyes are elsewhere. An uplifting CD.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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