No Name Jazz Sextet

Self Titled

Effendi Records FND034

Aron Doyle,Trumpet & Flugel; Alexandre Cote, Alto & barytone sax; Roberto Murray. Tenor & soprano sax; Vincent Rehel, Hammond Organ; Frederic Grenier,Acoustic bass; Ugo Di Vito, Drums.

This young Montreal sextet plays a driving hard bop reminiscent of Art Blakey's Messengers. The opener, "Blakey's Memory," is a great example. Behind driving drums, the three-horn front plays an ensemble line with that sixties feeling. The soloists then launch out over a great Hammond/bass/drums rhythm section. Organist Rehel is great, comping in the spirit of the great organ masters. Bassist Grenier and drummer Di Vito know how to push things along without
getting in the way.

This band is tight. Trumpeter Doyle has that slightly dark and smoky sound. His playing is lyrical and fresh. Cote's alto is lush, yet light as he moves fluidly around the keys. Murray's tenor is reminiscent of early Wayne Shorter. He's melodic and self assured. Recommended for those who love the classic Jazz sound of Blakey, Miles, Cannonball, and others.

By Michael Bettine

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