Judi Silvano & Mal Waldron

Riding A Zephyr


Judi Silvano, voice; Mal Waldron, piano.

Singer Judi Silvano and veteran pianist/song writer Mal Waldron team up to perform a selection of their own music, Silvano provides a couple of tunes, the rest are Waldron's with some added lyrics by Silvano. Released on Italy's Soul Note label this is a coming together of two outstanding musicians and their desire to work with each other. Waldron's cool, measured style lays a reassuring blanket for Silvano to display her bright talent. The balance of their performance begins to unfold on the second track, "Finding My Love". "Soul Eyes", Waldron's best-known ballad is sung with rich emotion. The title piece "Riding A Zephyr" seems to float in a timeless limbo, with Waldron's striking bass balancing it in mid air. "A Time For Duke" would be regarded as upbeat for this set, Silvano gets to do a bit of stretching; closing with Mal Waldron, Silvano's tribute to her partner in this livelier piece. This is mostly soulful stuff, played and sang with a measured care. Silvano is an honest singer, imbuing a fullness of style with pleasant sound. Waldron is a master at doing everything right; keeping quiets restrained in the lower register. The CD has a general hint of melancholy about it, which can add to its appeal; the musicianship is superb.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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