Carole Therrien


Effendi Records FND033

Carole Therrien, vocals; Alain Bedard, acoustic bass; Alex Cote, Alto sax; Michel Cote, tenor & baritone sax, guitar; Ugo Di Vito, Drums; Dave Mussing, trumpet & flugel; Vincent Rehel, piano & B3 organ.

Vocalist Carole Therrien is a degreed classical singer with many respected credits to her name. She and bassist Alain Bedard are also the founders of Montreal's Effendi Records. For Therrien's jazz recording debut they have put together a band featuring some of the best players from the label. Therrien sings in both French and English, and also uses her voice as a wordless instrument.

While listening, I kept trying to think of who she reminded me of. I finally realized she sounded a lot like Chicago vocalmeister Kurt Elling. She has that same sort of ease in her phrasing, always using her voice as an instrument first. While not as "out" as Elling can be, her scat singing has the same liberated feel. Her backup band also plays with that loose, slinky swing that melts
around the vocals. This is a very enjoyable recording. I hope we hear more of
Carole in the States soon. Recommended.

By Michael Bettine

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