Jeno Somlai

Let It Go

Jeno Somlai Music

      Milwaukee-based percussionist Jeno Somlai has released his debut Latin Jazz CD Let It Go. Somlai, a long-time drummer, recently started playing piano in order to develop his writing and arranging skills. He puts these skills to good use, playing either piano or drums on the CD and providing some tasty original compositions like "Libby, Go East" and "J.A.S."

      The CD includes a lively mixture of Latin music and straight-ahead Jazz and interesting Latin treatments of Stevie Wonder's "Golden Lady" and Wayne Shorter's "One by One." With him are his regular sextet of Doug Ebert on bass, Robert Figueroa on congas, Dave Bayles on drums, Jamie Breiwick on trumpet, and Scott Van Domelen on tenor sax.

by Linda Goshay

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