Ben Tankard

Song of Solomon

Verity Records CD (No product number on the CD)

Ben Tankard - Grand Piano

When I first drop this CD into the player, I did not know what to expect. Was I going to hear gospel or Jazz? I have been in the Church since birth, I know what the Song of Solomon is about, what's that got to do with Jazz? Then as the CD starts to play and I start to read the promo on Ben Tankard, I began to understand. Tankard has allowed us to take a peep inside his personal life and experience through his contemporary Gospel/Jazz album his love for his new wife. He associates himself to Solomon. As you get deep inside the album you feel the romance, the love, the passion. This album is definitely one to play while thinking about the one you love, with the one you love or preparing that list of qualities that you want in the one you love. The album also has a seductive beat that simply consumes your heart. Tankard tops it off with a special arrangement of Stevie Wonder classic "Ribbon In The Sky. Nicely done.

By Madelyn Johnson

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