Doug Lawrence

High Heel Sneakers

Fable Records 54303-2 January 1998

Doug Lawrence, tenor sax; Peter Bernstein, guitar; Adam Scone, Hammond B3; Dennis Irvin, John Webber, bass; Willie Jones III, drums; Carlos "Potato" Valdes and Eddir Robi, congas

Fable Records 54303-2 January 1998

We seem to be experiencing the return of the Hammond Organ on the Jazz scene, which is not a bad thing when it produces happy swingin' sets like this one. It also creates gteater opportunities for a more varied sound.

Doug Lawrence has a full tones sound and he plays from the heart in a similar style to the great Dexter Gordon. Doug is joined by the rising young guitarist Peter Berstein, who constantly delights with his clean-cut playing. Scone is a new name to me, but he is well versed in the support he is required to give to the front line players. The remainig rhythm section musicians provide a comfortable cusion for the soloists, although Willie Jones might have felt that he was a little under-used.

This is another favourable notch in Doug and Peter's "gun belt."

by Al Merritt

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