Hong Kong Dragon Club

Take Out

Xien Records, Kaisonic Experience XNC2 44031

David Packer, arranger, conductor, harmonica, keyboard, percussion; Hsin Hsiao-Hung, erhu; Cheng Man, guzheng; Li Tak Kong, yangqin; Choo Boon Chong, di; Wong Ching, pipa, Guy Barker, trumpet; Nick Ledesma, drums; Rudy Balbuena, bass; Nilo Aristorena, bass

A product of the Hong Kong studio scene, this group of musicians, well versed in western pop, rock, Jazz and film music traditions, along with traditional Chinese and Filipino folk music, here attempt to meld "pentatonic Chinese melodies and the chromatic harmonies of modern Jazz."

Who would have thought that elevator music would be the result! An album of interest only to those who find Kenny G. to be their cup of tea. The traditional Chinese instruments employed here are lost in a sea of synthesizer washes, tepid harmonica and smooth Jazz trumpet. Sometimes the whole is far less then the sum of the parts.

by Eric Lewis

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