Hervé Provini

Musique Amoureuse

Unit Records UTR4137CD

Hervé Provini, Compositions, Drums and Computer.

This release, the third part of a trilogy devoted to Midi activated acoustic piano, expands upon his earlier use of algorithmic composing techniques. Here Provini wrote traditional harmonically conceived melodies, then applied assorted algorithms to them, creating new and unexpected works. This technique, a post-modern take on Cageís use of assorted chance techniques, does not produce the didactic and bloodless music one might expect. The pieces often swing; sounding a bit like Crispell meets Jarrett at an advanced computer programming class. The drumming often lays down a driving rock-inflected beat, adding soul to what could have been a rather anemic project. Musically more rewarding than one might think, with Monk-like melodies and interesting dynamics. Well worth a listen.

by Eric Lewis

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