Only for the Pure in HeartJimmy Cobb's Mob

Only for the Pure in Heart

Fabel Records 54264-2

Jimmy Cobb, drums; Peter Bernstein, guitar; Richard Wyands, piano; John Webber, bass

Jimmy Cobb has come to the fore through his backing of stars from the past, including Miles Davis and Sarah Vaughn. There are many more who could be named from the one night stands and concerts where he gathered his vast experience of tastefully backing singers and musicians alike.

Together with him is Richard Wyands, who is more involved in musical education, otherwise his name would be better known. Add to these two veterans the enthusiastic bass playing of Webber and the classic soloing of young Peter Bernstein. It is the latter who is given the lion's share of solos and he readily shows that he is equal to the task of his star role. Bernstein first came to my atention with the Larry Goldings trio, and his maturity as a first class Jazz guitarist is already apparent.

This CD is a little gem of enjoyable themes and solos with all four musicians showing a rare compatability with each other.

Very enjoyable.

by Al Merritt

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