The Jim Cutler Quartet


Jamco Music, January 2002, Redmond, Washington

Jim Cutler, saxophoes; Brian Olendorf, piano; Phil Demaree, bass; Chris Monroe, percussion

These musicians have well documented histories of performances with may notable artists. Jim makes a healthy sound on the variety of saxophones, he also contributed seven of the eleven compositions used, but the standards Just Friends and Joy Spring will always give great opportunity for flowing improvisation. The solos go on far too long, which invariably draws attention to the shortcomings of the improvisers' abilities. Bassist Demaree has exceptional 'chops' and piaist Olendorf serves well as the anchor man. Nonroe's drum sound is more akin to Jazz/Rock although technically he doesn't put a foot wrong.

Despite Cutler's superior solo abilities and his likeable sounds, there seems to be something missing which makes this performance only acceptable, whereas it may with more care have been quite memorable.

by Al Merritt

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