Joyce Astronauta

Songs of elis

Blue Jackel 5029-2

Joyce, guitar, vocals; Dori Caymmi, guitar, vocals; Joe Lovano, tenor sax; Mulgrew Miller, piano; Renee Rosnes, piano; Romero Lubambo, guitar; Rodolfo Stroeter, bass; Guello, percussion; Tutty Moreno, percussion, drums, bateira.

Brazilian music seems to be able to produce an endless stream of beautiful singers. On this CD Joyce pays tribute to Elis Regina, an important singer of MPB (Brazilian Popular Music). The supporting artists are some of the best - experienced Jazz players Joe Lovano, Mulgrew Miller and Renee Rosnes, added to the expertise and voice of Dommi Caymmi, all adding depth to the music. Joyce is also very experienced; her singing is clear, brightly expressive, strong yet possessing a delicate quality. There is a plaintive timbre to her voice that could make a man ache if he were not on his guard. Saundade, a Brazilian word that has no direct translation means a mix between ecstasy and melancholy - you have been warned. "Aquarela Do Brasil" will be familiar, but this is done the Brazilian way. "O Cantador" has Dori Caymmi singing with Joyce; they make a fine couple. It is quite a jolt, though, when they sing the last track, "Waters Of March", in English, it breaks the spell. To makes things worse there is hardly a trace of an attractive accent - thereby losing all sense of vulnerability - but this could be just a male thing. This is a distinctive CD, possessing true expressive quality, the supporting artists play superbly and the percussion is tight and meaningful. Brazil at its best.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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