Nika Rejto

Midnite Kiss

URCD 106

Nika Rejto, flutes, vocals; Bevan Manson, piano; Rick Vandivier, guitars; Perry Thoorsell, bass; Peter Barshay, bass; Paul Van Wageningen, drums; John Santos, percussion; Linda Tillery, background vocals; Dmitri Matheny, flugelhorn

A fair amount of straight-ahead swinging Jazz. Ms. Retjo plays good flute, bounces well on the rhythm and has a whimsical approach on the ballads. She is not just a pretty face and doesn't put a foot wrong; I got to wondering if she would ever go for an alto or tenor sax, to give a fuller sound to her utterly logical but by no means overly simple improvisational work. On the other hand, she achieves a gorgeous resonance on "Imagination" (track 7) and I feel apt to revise the saxophone notion. Bevan Manson, is one great pianist and his chords are a joy; he is ably supported by both bassists present who work well with him. In fact everyone here contributes well and on second hearing one notices that there is a great deal going on that demands closer attention. The charming "Chante des Arbes" is obviously a personal reminder of Ms. Rejto's stay in France. If you don't melt to this one you need to again kick-start your soul. A fine CD. Recommended to romantics and Jazz fans alike, and perfect for those of both persuasions.

by Lawrence Brazier

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