Bob Bangerter - Ordinary Man

Bob Bangerter

Ordinary Man


Bob Bangerter, acoustic and electric guitars; Michael Ruff, keyboards, Hammond B3 organ and lead vocals; David Inamine, fretless bass; Garin Poliahu, drums; Lenny Castro, percussion; Fred Schreuders, guitar; Cornelius Bumpus and Marc Russo, soprano and tenor saxophones; David Choy, tenor saxophone; Slide Hyde, trombone; John Chudoba, Mike Lewis, trumpet.

All ten tracks were written by Bob Bangerter, some are in collaboration with Michael Ruff; starting with "Don't Stop Believing", a well put together piece. There is a driving percussion which carries through the whole set; propelling forward some tricky and intimate playing. There are pleasant vocals, some funky electric sounds, and always a strong pulse; sometimes the music offers a fierce edge to it.

The title track "Ordinary Man", sung well by Michael Ruff has a softer touch and a good feel. "Walking With Emil" has a fine guitar solo and Hammond organ support; a softer drive from the percussion might have better suited. "The Way A Woman Works" and "Oak Street" strut along with bounce. An interesting set, without reaching great heights it is an excellently compiled set of tunes.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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