George Benson

The Greatest Hits Of All

Rhino R2 78284

George Benson, guitar, vocals; a wide variety of bands and musicians

With 19 tracks you couldn't claim that this CD was not value for money. This is Benson at his best, although the man's guitar abilities are sometimes placed in the background and the vocal man gets the forward treatment. Mostly funky, grooved-up love stuff, the strings are nevertheless not spared on occasion. A lot of the tunes are catchy numbers that will lighten the grey of a pointless day and turn it into a time of hope. When Benson does stretch on the guitar, he doesn't stretch far, but he seems to have found a lode stone of what can only be called irrepressible tingle. "On Broadway" is here, a live recording thereof. A gorgeous Aretha Franklin appears on one number. All in all a good sample of Benson hits, all of them telling how it is to be beautiful and in love. What more could you ask for? For those wishing to slouch in an ever-so hip way through their day.

by Lawrence Brazier

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