Rosa Passos & Ron Carter

Entre Amigos

Chesky JD247

Rosa Passos, vocals and guitar; Ron Carter, bass; Lula, guitar; Paulo Braga, percussion; Billy Drewes, tenor saxophone and clarinet

Something for aficionados here. The unhurried rendering of these mostly familiar tunes betokens the absolute musical superiority of all concerned on this CD of Brazilian masterpieces. Somebody must have said: "Let's do a few." And so to bed. The result is something of subdued (who really needs brashness?) charm. Carter certainly has no need to grab the limelight, especially since there is little to grab, anyway. The old master lends his presence in a way that lulls us into feeling that the world is not so bad, after all. His work is effortless, utterly appropriate and, well, heartwarming. Lula turns out to be a guy, and all of the guitar solos are his contribution, beautifully given. Percussionist Braga is as delicate as they come and Drewes on the reed instruments is at times ethereal.

The lady in question actually looks a little like Billie Holiday in the cover shot. The similarity is further extended by Passos in her extremely languishing vocal style. Passos slips into and out of a number at will and with a timing that displays the comfortable relationship she enjoys with her own voice, which, of course, is passed on for the benefit of the listener. One of the most beautiful records I have heard in a long while.

by Lawrence Brazier

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