Zvonimir Tot

Travels and Dreams

Zvonimir Tot, guitar; Art Davis, trumpet, flugelhorn; Nick Tountas, bass; Rusty Jones, drums; guests, Steven Hashimoto, electric bass; Bryan Nichols, keyboards

Zvonimir Tot offers us some interesting sounds and styles with this new CD; all songs were composed and arranged by him, with the exception of the traditional "Voda Zvira", which he arranged. A good set of musicians line up to play with him; the cool, electric trumpet playing of Art Davis is most noticeably to the fore; he possesses a pure straight tone that would enhance any set of tunes. Tot is an inspirational player of the guitar; one would never guess his eastern European roots; he is a physically large man, and can be an expansive player, an example of this is "Magician's Kingdom", his largamente style feels like one big stretch. "Pamela's Song", is a delightful ballad played sensitively on the flugelhorn by Art Davis, a player who has no side to him; his sound goes straight to the heart. The tunes move through fusion, funk, bossa nova, swing, ballads and a touch of bop. In "A Sketch For Libby" Tot plays solo guitar and proves what a fine player he is. The two front men have just the right support from the bass of Nick Tountas and the drums of Rusty Jones. A CD with plenty to offer.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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