Honolulu Jazz Quartet

Sounds of the City

HJQ 2039

Tim Tsukiyama, saxophones; Dan Del Negro, piano; John Kolivas, bass; Adam Baron, drums

There is a solid, warm, earthy feel to this quartet; ten original compositions, eight by bass player John Kolivas and two by pianist Dan Del Negro. We start with a couple of pleasant opening tracks, "Speed Trap" and "Ole Buddy". Then "Remembrance", which is a warm bossa nova caressed by the throaty tenor saxophone of Tim Tsukiyam and the piano of Dan Del Negro. "Hibiscus Drive" has a delightfully light feel, and is based loosely on the Bach Partite. There is a strong feeling of cohesion within this group, they interlock and play off each other perfectly, and everything they play is tasteful, expressive and solid. It is quite clear to see why they are doing so well in Hawaii. "Mt. Fuji" is a nippy and upbeat number, and with "Heater's On" drummer Adam Baron is given a chance to stretch. The set finishes with a good swinging number, "Woody's Blues". The liner notes have it about right when they say; "The group's whole is greater than the sum of its parts". A good Jazz quartet.

by Ferdinand Maylin

New Sounds - September 2004

Jazz Now Interactive September 2004 Vol 14 No. 5 - Table of Contents

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