Terry Blaine, Mark Stevens, Allen Vache

Swingin' the Benny Goodman Songbook

Jukebox Jazz JJZ 0407


Terry Blaine (v); Mark Shane (p); Allen Vache (cl)


"After You've Gone," "You Turned the Tables on Me," "I Don't Know Why," "Junk Man," "Body and Soul," "Would You Like to Take a Walk," "Sweet Leilani," "More Than You Know," "Miss Brown to You;" "I Wished on the Moon/Moonglow," "Memories of You," "Lulu's Back in Town," "Low Down," "Time on My Hands," "You Can't Stop Me from Loving You," "Goodbye," "On the Sunny Side of the Street"


Shut your eyes and you could imagine you are sitting in a speakeasy in the mid-thirties whilst listening to this music. Benny Goodman was just beginning to spread his wings and prohibition was just about over.

Terry has that lived-in-done-it-all-before-sounding voice, which is just right for the interpretations given to these golden oldies. Mark is not only an ideal accompanist but also a good stand-in for Jess Stacey or Teddy Wilson, and Allen plays a very musical clarinet which, although it doesn't reach Benny's high level of talent, is very pleasant and easy on the ear.

The only thing different from the past is that the piano is in tune, but then so are these three talented musicians.

by Al Merritt

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