The Claude Bolling Suites for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio

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Laurel Zucker, flute; Joe Gilman, piano; Jeff Neighbor, bass; David Rokeach, percussion

Featuring classical flutist Laurel Zucker, well-mannered pianist Joe Gilman, Jazz/classical bassist Jeff Neighbor, and freelancing percussionist David Rokeach. Add to this the thoughtful and intelligent composing of Claude Bolling and we have a two-CD set of impeccable quality.

The lush, full-rounded sound of the Zucker flute played delicately and harmoniously, then enhanced by the Gilman piano articulately phrased and sweetly overlaid is a beautiful experience.

"Baroque and Blue" and "Sentimentale" swing only occasionally but set the gold standard for quality.

The second disc kicks off at a lively pace, with Zucker carrying the lion's share and Gilmore offering the supporting flare as well as creating most of the Jazz interpretation; Neighbor's full bass and David Rokeach's percussion support with the sort of quality this CD demands.

"Vagabonde" opens with a swinging piano demonstrating that Gilmore can match the flute for virtuosity. Excellent number this one. "Intime" is beautiful and, "Jazzy" rounds off an excellent pair of CDs.

by Ferdinand Maylin


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