Angelyna Martinez

Labor of Love

MexiScott Music 4670


Angelyna Martinez, vocals; Rob King and Bill Gulino, piano; Robert Kopec, bass; Dean Sharp and Andrew Greeney, drums; Peter Buettner, tenor saxophone; Dean Jones, trombone; Larry Moses, trumpet; Steve Bernstein, mandolin; and Mark Bernstein, Mark Dziuba, and Craig Schumm, guitar

San Antonio native, now Los Angeles-based, Angelyna Martinez began performing at the age of six and got her first recording contract at thirteen. This is her debut Jazz CD.

The first cut, "Straighten Up and Fly Right," is a jaunty venture that Martinez delivers with charming vivacity. "What a Wonderful World" is notable for the lovely mandolin support of Steve Bernstein.

Martinez does a seductive delivery of "Fever" with tasteful brush work by drummer Dean Sharp and engaging guitar support by Mark Dziuba. On the Bobby Troup tune, "Route 66," Martinez displays good vocal nuance on this upbeat swinger.

"It Don't Mean a Thing" is done with a daring scat vocalizing that is interesting. Martinez does a impressive vocal turn on the Quincy Jones tune "Miss Celie's Blues." On the ballad "Pure Imagination" Martinez lovingly embraces each note, and the interplay with the piano of Rob King is elegant. The final cut, "Stormy Weather," displays a unique vocal approach to this standard which is warm and textured.

On this ten-cut CD, Martinez confidently explores cover tunes which she elevates with individual precision. This is a great debut effort by a talented artist, and Jazz fans will definitely like this one.


by Dorothy L. Hill

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