David Stryker

Big City

Mel Bay Records MB 06562 CD

Big City; All Night Long; Feelin' Good; Everytime We Say Goodbye; It Was A Very Good Year; If Ever I Would Leave You; Biddy Fleet; (55.28)

David Stryker (g); David Kikoski (p); Ed Howard (b); Victor Lewis (d).


This is a hot group that shows Stryker to be up with the very best of the modern guitarists. This follows his learning experience in playing with masters of the calibre of Freddy Hubbard, Stanley Turrentine and the great Dizzy Gillespie. David S is well supported by Kikoski, who is an exciting soloist and fits well with the team. Ed Howard, a new name to me, holds his corner and Victor plays an important part, not only with the phrasing of the tunes but also with his solo opportunities. He has moved on from his immaculate supportive role in the Getz quartet of the past, taking a more front running attitude.

The choice of tunes for a Jazz Quartet may seem fairly unusual. One doesn't usually hear improvised versions of "It was.", "If ever." Or "Goodbye" but they sit well with the original compositions.

by Al Merritt

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