The Tango Group

Amor por el Tango

SR 1003


Hector Del Curto, bandoneon; David Alsina, bandoneon; Nicolas Danielson, violin; Susan de Camp, oboe; Fransisco Navarro, guitar; Roger Davidson, piano; Pedro Giraudo, bass; Pablo Aslan, bass.


Yes, this is a Tango CD; as pure as you can get. This so called 'Dance of Sorrow' is classically portrayed by group; wheezing where appropriate, sultry, brooding and dripping with a dark forbidden passion, "Chique" composed in 1920 by Ricardo Luis Brignolo is quintessential. Each player gives their all to this evocative dance, Roger Davidson composing six and arranging two of the fifteen tracks; Pablo Aslan arranged the rest. There is an interesting three/four arrangement of the classical Tango "La Cumparista"; Cole Porter is visited and "Night and Day", "So In Love" and "Begin the Beguine" are all given the sultry treatment. "Vals par mi Amor" finishes the set with oboe stretching passion. Tangos evoke, in doing so they touch strange tingly forbidden depths; if they don't, burn your CDs now and start basket work lessons.


Ferdinand Maylin

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