Mike Tomaro and The Three Rivers Orchestra

Night Owl Suite

Sea Breeze SB 2132


Mike Tomaro (as,ss,ts,fl); Jim Guerra, Eric Defade, Rick Matt, Jim German (saxes); Steve Hawk, Joe Herndon, James Moore, Ralph Guzzi, E Ron Horton (t); Robert Mitchett, Clayton DeWalt, Jay Ashby, Chris Carson (tb); Max Loacke (p,syn); Eric Susoeff (g); Paul Thompson (b); David Glover (d)

"Del Corazon," "Dancing on the Ceiling," "Smoke and Mirrors," "Night Owl Suite Movement 1 (11 P.M.) "Searching for Birdland"; Movement 2 (3 A.M.) "Lonely City"; Movement 3 (6 A.M.) "The City Awakes," "The Night Owl Sleeps"; "Rivers," "A Sideward Glance," "Little Sunflower"

This is a tight swinging big band from the Pittsburgh region playing challenging original compositions both by its own members and today's leading Jazz composers.

The trumpet section is blistering, the saxes play like Supersax, and the trombone section could have come straight out of the Kenton Orchestra, such is the perfection of their playing. The rhythm section is equally brilliant, playing in a forceful and invigorating manner throughout.

It seems that the tradition of big-band playing is spread right across the states of the USA. One wonders what will become of these accomplished young musicians, as there seems little opportunity to make a career in music. Perhaps a change of attitude by the media might give some of them a chance.

Another good example of big-band Jazz.


by Al Merritt

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