Razzody Music RMD9901

Matthew Von Doran, guitar; Tom Bevan, guitar; Eric Stiller, bass; Mahlon Hawk, bass; Todd Voelker, drums; Brian Sawyers, keyboards & percussion; Darrel Gardner, trumpet; Matt Franke, trumpet & flugelhorn; John Grabb, trombone; Brian Williams, saxophones; Tom Margitan, saxophones; Albert Wing, EWI.

From the very first selection of Razz's offering of Clazz you know you are in for a treat They come out hard with their first selection "In the Groove" complete wit a horn section that has a heavy force fully equipped with screaming' trumpets and a baritone sax to anchor it in the groove. Yes! That pun was intended. The first selection makes you want to get up and move your body parts. This CD has other tunes that have more of a fusion feel, especially "Bill the Cat," "Interlude" and "Dusk." This product is mostly for the sophisticated listener. Those who rather have a smooth Jazz type of thing would be a little disappointed. However, if you need something with a prominent beat to it, you have to check out "Automation" and certainly "Oil and Vinegar" which has a really cool thing going on with a Latin groove and a few odd meter changes. Don't try to dance to this one! This listener really enjoyed "Sometimes Everytime," "Medium Rare," and the title cut "Clazz." The composer really out did himself with this one. It is truly a masterpiece with shades of classical music and Jazz mixed in with some extremely fine drumming by Todd Voelker. Everyone should check this out!

By Kenney Polson