Denise Perrier

East Meets West

Chez Perrier Records - Advance Copy

East, St. Petersburg, Russia: Tracks: 1, 2, 3, 9: Denise Perrier, vocals; Andrei Kondakov, piano; Sergey Ostroumov, drums; Gregory Voskoboynikov, double bass; Igor Timofeyev, tenor saxophone; Joel Gonsales, percussion

West: San Francisco, USA: Tracks: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Denise Perrier, vocals; Tammy Hall, piano; Kash Killion, bass; Bobby Tynes, sax; Jimmy Robinson, drums; Raul Ramirez, percussion

Denise Perrier is the lady we call the premier vocalist of the century and she justifies that title on the offering. This lady is a joy to see and listen to any time, any where. I am so happy that she has made a recording of one of her many trips to Russia. This gives us a chance to hear what the Jazz musicians there can do behind one of the best. The piece "Fool on the Hill" gives Sergi Ostroumov, drums and Joel Gonsales, percussion, a chance to highlight their talent. After a soulful piano introduction by Andrei Kondakov on one of Billie's signature pieces "Hush Now Don't Explain," Gregory Voskoboynik did some soulful bowing on his bass. On "Do You Know What it means to Miss New Orleans" Igor Timofeyev sax playing sounded like he spent his youth in the bayou city, the cat has certainly heard Houston Person.

When this product hits the market, you will certainly want it in your collection.

by Haybert K. Houston

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