Hinda Hoffman

Moon and Sand

Piano, Dennis Luxion, Ron Perillo; Bass, Dennis Caroll; Drums, George Fludas

One tough singer. Great control, doesn,t get you fearing that she is not going to make a note. Hinda Hoffman sings pretty straight, her style of swinging is the kind of thing done to a rim-shot, and this is one of her strengths. Track six, Our day Will Come, comes out like a mantra, like this band could show a metronome how to operate. Her timing is so precise that it shows the way for your thumbs, which will start popping automatically. The guys in the band are all relaxed pros. Nothing sounds forced. The lady really integrates. I can't believe they spent days recording this album, it all sound so natural, no one-off, like each number could have only been done that way. The rhythm section, with alternating pianists, does the lady proud. Another highlight is Ellington's I Got It Bad. Ms Hoffman reads this one with a clarity that shows respect. This is a greatly satisfying album. The sort of album you are always happy to have on your shelves. She gets recommendation from a better man than I (Steve Allen) in the liner notes. I'm proud to have something in common with him. Treat yourself!

by Lawrence Brazier

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