Kendra Shank


Jazz Focus Records, JFCD037

Kendra Shank, vocals; Frank Kimbrough, piano; Dean Johnson, bass; Tony Moreno, drums and percussion

Straight off you know that this lady is deep into reading a song to its full extent. No road remains unexplored, no nuance unsung. The delightful surprise is that despite her explorative (read Norma Winstone) endeavors, she still swings. This is largely due to her practically telepathic integration with a really great trio these four people appear to have emerged from the same womb. You have a rhythm section with a singer bouncing on the bass line and within a minute or two the opening track Alone Together, could be the clue the whole thing becomes a merging of musicians. Reading the liner notes, I find my counterpart saying much the same thing, so I guess there is something happening here. Anyway, a great record (no, not just a good record). I'm really happy to have discovered Kendra Shank and Co., and you would be, too.

by Lawrence Brazier

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