Nancy Wilson
A Nancy Wilson Christmas
Manchester Craftsmen's Guild MCGJ1008

Featuring the Dizzy Gillespie Alumni All Star Band and New York Voices, Nancy Wilson Trio, Monty Alexander, Duduka Da Fonseca, Herbie Mann

The legendary singer and entertainer, Nancy Wilson, decided to make her contribution to the Christmas season with an album. Deservingly, she chose some of the best musicians on the planet to accompany her, therefore the music is flawless as you would expect. As a seasoned musician, Ms. Wilson delivery creates the proper mood for each tune; fun when it should be and solemnly thoughtful when necessary. The word DIVA is banded about often, but to Ms. Wilson, it applies.

I am also impress with the label she chose, Manchester Craftmen's Guild Jazz. This is a program that contributes greatly to the continued formation of my favorite art form, Jazz. Add this one to your collection for all of the proceeds from the sales will benefit the MCG Jazz program.

By Haybert K. Houston

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